D’s passion is dancing. During the day he rehearses a contemporary dance spectacle under the orders of Sol, the choreographer. During the night he makes a living working as a security guard in a parking lot. The building’s  security cameras are witnesses to his improvised nighttime rehearsals. Every morning, when Luna, his day shift colleague arrives to relieve him, D. races off, without changing his uniform, to the rehearsal room.
In the rehearsal room, things aren’t easy for D. Sol isn’t happy with his performance. She makes him repeat and perfect the dance routines over and over again. At night, among the cars in the parking lot, D. continues to work repeatedly on the movements that Sol sets out for him during the day, trying to improve. Despite his dedication, one day D. discovers that Sol is getting ready to replace him with a new dancer.
Finally D. is dismissed, and he leaves the rehearsal rooms totally despondent. When he returns to his night job, he discovers through the security cameras that Luna is willing to be his new and unexpected dance partner.



C. is a sound designer. She has just got divorced.. She works long hours at night in the studio, editing the sound on short films about security guards who dance in empty parking lots. After days of obsessive work, C. starts to perceive sound in real life as if it were a soundtrack. In her brain, she can “silence” the dialogue, isolate ambient sounds or modify volume levels. The most horrifying thing of all is that C. starts to believe that the sound she perceives is out of synchrony.
C. goes to the doctor, thinking that she is ill. The doctor reassures her. C. is not ill. Instead of that, C. is one of the first people to realize that it is really the world that is becoming desynchronized. A sensory catastrophe is taking place: image and sound no longer go hand in hand. Like a badly matched film, audio reaches people’s ears later than it should. And the gap between image and sound becomes greater with each passing day.
This delay is a disaster for humanity, and even more so for C. In a desynchronized world in which sound cinema is no longer possible, C. loses her job and her apartment. She will no longer be able to maintain a beneficial relationship with any of the man who pass through her life, she will face the death of her mother, with whom she had a complicated relationship, she will fleetingly discover the world of the deaf as a refuge where direct communication is still possible, and she will finally enter a spiral of disregard and lack of commitment that will lead her to the verge of personal and emotional collapse.
One day, without warning and just as it went, synchrony returns to the world. Miraculously, C. gets back her job as sound editor. Her first job will be to synchronize the music on that film in which two security guards were dancing in a half-empty parking lot.



The days of the delay are now left far behind for C. and her new partner. A brilliant, happy synchronized future unfolds before her eyes and ears. But one morning, a new sensorial tsunami reappears. Suddenly, desynchronization reappears. But now it isn’t the sound that arrives later than the actions. Now the audio PRECEDES the image. We hear words before they are pronounced, blows before they are carried out. This new desynchronization will mean not only the end of C. and of this film, but of the universe as we have known it until now.



Director_Juanjo Gimenez_2Juanjo Giménez was born in Barcelona. His last short film,TIMECODE (2016) won the Palm d’Or at Cannes, The 2017 EFA award for European Short Film, and was nominated for the Oscar for Best Short Film, as well as the Goya in in the same category. In all, it has won more than 100 awards at film festivals the world over. Giménez has also directed the feature film NOS HACEMOS FALTA (TILT 2003), which premiered at the Rotterdam Film Festival, and two documentaries, CONTACT PROOF (2014) and ESQUIVAR Y PEGAR (2010).

He has directed several short films which have won several national and international awards.


Genre: Drama, Science Fiction, Sport
Running time: 90
Format: 4K to 1.66 / DCP
Original language: SPANISH
Year: 2019
Produced by: FRIDA FILMS
Coproducers: NADIR FILMS
Executive producers: LUISA ROMEO, JUANJO GIMÉNEZ



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